Zippy belt installation and repair cut downtime

28 August 2018 | Web Article Number:

Food & Beverage

BMG’s extensive range of Ammeraal Beltech belts includes low stretch Ziplink belts, designed for quick installation and replacement in diverse industries, including food and packaging sectors.

“These specialist belts have a flexible design that facilitates easy repair or replacement of small sections of the belt, in the event of damage,” said Ryan Forsyth, BMG’s business unit manager - materials handling.

“Ziplink belts, which combine various cover materials with a structured spiral link mesh, can be quickly spliced at any length into a continuous belt, without the need for any special tools or heavy presses. An important advantage is reduced downtime, extended service life and cost efficiency.

“The construction of these belts eliminates any point of weakness because there is no loss of strength in the splice area. This design ensures greater strength and longer operating life than conventional belts with seamed or fused materials.”

Zippy belt installation and repair cut downtime

Forsyth added that these belts, with their low stretch polyester monofilament carcass, keep the same resistance over the entire length of the belt, which results in smooth operation and also protects the product and conveyor from damage. “This enhanced lateral stability makes tracking easier than with conventional belts.”

BMG’s Ziplink belts, which operate safely at temperatures between -54°C and +176°C, meet various specifications in conveying, including requirements for food grade, cold resistance, high temperature resistance and flame retardancy according to ISO 340.

There is a wide selection of oil, grease and abrasive resistant top covers available for conveying in high and low temperatures. Cotton fabric covers are designed especially for sticky applications.

BMG’s full range of Ammeraal Beltech belts for the food and beverage sector includes process and conveyor belts, high performance flat belts, timing and modular belting, as well as endless woven and engineered belting.

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