Triple treat as new construction kit lands in SA

02 July 2019 | Web Article Number: ME201914985

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WIRTGEN South Africa recently launched three new products in the local market – the Vögele S1603 Classic paver, the Hamm 3410 Classic single-drum compactor and the Screencore stacker, and according to Sales Manager Waylon Kukard, the new products have been enthusiastically received.

“The response to the launches has been great. We have already sold one Vögele S1603 Classic paver and two Hamm 3410 Classic single-drum compactors. We are hoping to finalise at least two Screencore stacker deals in the next couple of days.”

Kukard said the Classic line of products is targeted at Wirtgen’s existing customer base, as well as upcoming contractors in the civil and building industries. The Screencore range of stackers is aimed at the mining, contracting and rental markets.

“We are the only OEM supplier in the compaction and paver market in South Africa still bringing all our units from Germany. We are the global market leader in this specialised field and we want local upcoming contractors to access the best equipment, thus helping them deliver top quality work to their clients,” he said.

Triple treat as new construction kit lands in SA

According to Kukard, the Vögele S1603 Classic – powered by a 116 kW diesel engine and a laydown rate of up to 600 t/h, the S1603 Classic paver - is extremely powerful, robust and versatile – whether working on confined urban job sites or constructing rural roads. When combined with the AB 480 Extending Screed with the tamper and vibrator (TV) compacting systems, the paver can achieve a maximum pave width of 6,3 m.

“The Vögele S1603 Classic paver offers perfect paving quality due to the perfect material management system.

“The paver comes with a high-pe

rformance hydraulic system. The hydraulics provide an accurate drive for material handling systems, thus ensuring an optimal head of mix in front of the screed at all times,” Kukard said.

The company has also launched a Classic version of the Hamm 3410 single-drum compactor to meet the needs of upcoming road contractors. Kukard said while it retains the same German build quality, some of the standard sophisticated features are only available as options, significantly lowering the machine’s price.

Part of the larger 3000 Series, the Hamm 3410 Classic, is specifically configured for the South African market. Kukard said the “simplification” of the model follows Wirtgen’s commitment to small contractor development, in line with its Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the South African National Road Agency (SANRAL) signed last year on 19 October.

The MoU is aimed at giving CIDB-graded contractors access to road construction machinery which enables them to participate more meaningfully in major construction SANRAL projects.

“The strategy is to offer contractors a Classic roller boasting German build quality synonymous with our brand,” said Kukard, adding that the Hamm 3410 Classic remains a cutting-edge single-drum compactor and one of the outstanding features is the 3-point articulation.

“The benefits of the 3-point articulation can be seen every day in many situations on the construction site. One plus factor is the favourable weight distribution – it makes for enormous driving stability and ensures outstanding traction, even in rough terrain.”

Wirtgen SA has entered into a distributorship agreement with Northern Ireland-based manufacturer of compact screeners and stockpilers, Screencore. These machines are designed to work in a wide range of applications, including quarrying, mining, recycling, earthmoving, organics and agriculture. In South Africa, the primary focus is on the mining and contracting business, according to Kukard.

At the recent product launch event, Wirtgen showcased the Screencore 365R, a 65' radial, tracked stockpiler with a C2.2 Turbo Cat engine and 300 tonnes per hour (tph) capacity. This will be joined by several other models in the near future. “We have a number of additional units on order. En route to South Africa right now is another 365R and a 480R, which is an 80' radial, tracked unit with a 1 200 mm wide belt and a 600 tph capacity,” Kukard said.

Wirtgen SA will offer Screencore’s complete range of tracked conveyors from 19 to 30 m. The wheeled range extends from 9 to 30 m. Straight and full radial units are also available. Designed to be easily transportable, the Screencore range offers features such as twin drives, check valves and hopper feeders.

“Over 90% of the Screencore range of machines are designed to fit in a shipping container. Therefore, they fold to a very compact size, making them simple to move from site to site – a critical criterion for contractors in particular. Additionally, the use of quality components such as Cat engines, ensures that these units deliver the highest levels of performance and reliability that the customer expects when buying from Wirtgen,” Kukard said.

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