Timber titan joins global sustainability A list

19 February 2020 | Web Article Number: ME202017967

Forestry, Pulp & Paper
Green Industries & Renewable Energy

GLOBAL packaging and paper manufacturer Mondi announced recently that it has improved its scores in sustainable forestry and water security, placing it among the industry leaders for both.

Mondi achieved an A-minus score for sustainable forestry and an A for water security by CDP, a sustainability benchmarking platform for environmental disclosures.

“Our rating from CDP on sustainable forestry and water security reflects all the work that we do in managing our forests in Russia and South Africa responsibly to safeguard biodiversity and ensure that our forests and the biodiversity within them continue to thrive,” said Gladys Naylor, Mondi Group Head of Sustainable Development.

“This will enable us to meet the rising need for sustainable fibre based products as we transition to a low carbon economy,”

CDP Forests provides a framework of action for companies to measure and manage forest-related risks and opportunities, transparently report on progress, and commit to proactive action for the restoration of forests and ecosystems.

For water stewardship relevant companies are asked to provide data about their efforts to manage and govern freshwater resources.

As it does each year, CDP scores all respondents from A-D, with its Leadership A List comprising companies from around the world that have been identified as leaders for their efforts and actions to implement best practices.

Mondi was again among the respondents this year and improved its score to an A- rating for CDP’s forest score for timber, which is in the Leadership band.

According to the company, this is higher than the European regional average of B-, and higher than the paper products & packaging sector average of B. Mondi’s water security score also improved to an A rating this year, significantly improving its rating from the previous year.

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