Steel going strong after 60 years

22 August 2018 | Web Article Number: ME201811212

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PIETERMARITZBURG based manufacturer of customised stainless steel processing equipment, Anderson Engineering, is marking its 60th year in the industry.

“For 60 years, we have built a solid reputation of world-class engineering solutions, growing into the company we are today, with unlimited potential,” said Hans Coertse, Owner and Managing Director.

The company was founded, in 1958, to manufacture stainless processing equipment for the dairy industry, with their very first client being Clover in Durban.

Within a few years the company developed a number of innovative solutions for dairy clients. Today, it is involved with some of South Africa’s most high-profile businesses and projects, with a footprint into Africa.

Steel going strong after 60 years

Coertse, has been at the helm of the company for the last 22 years. Over that period, the company has received a number of accolades. More recently, in 2016, it was crowned the winner of Product Development, and runner up for Export Achievement, at the Sassda Columbus Stainless Steel Awards.

Coertse believes a key to the company’s success has been the ability to build long-term relationships with clients. The business has delivered manufacturing solutions to many of South Africa’s largest food, beverage, chemical, dairy, cosmetic and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

A number of these clients have worked with the company for several decades. “The business ascribes to the philosophy that it’s the way you treat your clients that makes the difference.”

Anderson Engineering employs over 60 full time staff. The team comprises qualified engineers, draughtsman and technicians, with years of practical experience.

They also have their own workshop personnel, consisting of Machinists, Boiler Makers, Coded Welders, Fitters and Electricians, who are responsible for the fabrication of the equipment. They have continued an active apprenticeship scheme for the last 14 years and have successfully trained and qualified over 15 apprentices.

Although the company is celebrating a milestone of 60 years, the face of the company remains young. “We have consciously made an effort to employ talented young professionals into the business, as well as train and nurture young people who show promise,” Coertse said.

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