Security outsourcing service launched in SA

05 February 2020 | Web Article Number: ME201917580

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SEARCHINFORM has launched an information security outsourcing service for companies that face the problem of corporate fraud and data leakage. It’s aimed at organisations that do not have the staff or resources for a one-time purchase of equipment and software for protection against internal threats.

The service includes DLP management, employee monitoring, internal threats detection and productivity monitoring.

“If a company does not have the employees responsible for information security, employee monitoring, and internal threats prevention, then personal data and company secrets remain unprotected from leaks, and corporate incidents are not detected. This is usually about small and medium business, which can’t hire expensive staff and buy professional software,” said SearchInform CEO Sergey Ozhegov.

“Moreover, it is difficult for owners to assess the feasibility of spending money on serious tools implementation. The outsourcing service shows an objective picture of information security and risk management of a business and allows you to get high-quality protection at a reasonable price and be proactive.”

He said outsourcing internal security allows companies to identify internal weaknesses in a short period, with the first results obtained within one to three months.

“The expert on the side of the outsourcer will provide reports in accordance with a predetermined schedule, and in case of emergency, he will contact the customer immediately. Therefore, the customer has full access to the system and can upload data to perform independent investigations. If necessary, the client can be trained to work with the solution.”

The service is also provided as the software as a service (SaaS) version, which means that the company provides software, cloud server and information security analyst’s services for rent.

“For small companies, lack of resources often becomes a problem that slows down protection-building process. So, we offer turn-key solution, in other words we provide analyst services, software, and now the ability to deploy a server in the cloud,” said Alexey Parfentiev, the Head of Analytics at SearchInform.

“As a result, there is no need to buy, configure and maintain hardware specifically for the solution,” “According to Gartner, most information security vendors abroad have already begun the transition to cloud solutions, including cloud servers for DLP systems.”

He added that most customers of the new service are small or medium enterprises that have just started to build information security or want to strengthen their full-time security service.

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