Rubbery stuff! New vulcanisation accelerator

24 October 2019 | Web Article Number: ME201916764

Plastics & Rubber

THE specialty chemicals company Lanxess has developed a universally suitable vulcanisation accelerator for tyres and technical rubber goods.

According to the company, the trial product VP Vulkacit TZ, a sulfenamide based on aromatic amines, is suitable for all types of rubber.

“We are now inviting our industrial customers to try our new high-performance VP Vulkacit TZ for themselves. We are already producing pilot-scale samples,” said Dr. Jens-Hendrik Fischer, who is responsible for the global antioxidants and accelerators business in the Advanced Industrial Intermediates business unit.

The company showcasing the new accelerator for the first time at K 2019, the international trade show for plastics and rubber, in Düsseldorf, Germany from October 16 to 23.

Melanie Wiedemeier-Jarad, Technical Service Manager for the AII Antioxidants & Accelerators unit said the trial product has an impressively long scorch time.

“There is no premature onset of the vulcanisation process for the rubber, which has to pass through pipelines in the mixing process, and consequently it does not stick to sections of the production plant. This particular property of our VP Vulkacit trial product thus ensures a smooth production process and homogeneous cross-linking, which means that the structure can cure evenly,” she said.

For all mixtures produced using a sulfenamide vulcanisation accelerator, the cure times tend to be short in relation to the scorch times – making this group of accelerators suitable not only for press heating, but also for injection and transfer moulding processes, which are used primarily for complex geometries.

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