Putting water first for another 30 years

17 July 2019 | Web Article Number: ME201915475

Water & Effluent Management
Putting water first for another 30 years

LEADING Pietermartzburg-based water and wastewater management company Talbot & Talbot has marked its 30-year anniversary with a rebrand. From now on it will be known simply as Talbot.

Its services include consultancy, projects, and operations, along with a full commercial environmental laboratory.

“To date, we have successfully delivered projects across a wide range of sectors and in over 25 countries around the globe,” the company said in a statement. “While remaining true to our Pietermaritzburg origins, Talbot can today number blue-chip companies amongst our extensive regional and international client base,” it added.

“We have underpinned this new brand identity with a new logo and the phrase, ‘The Art of Water’.”

According to the company, the downward-pointing triangle in the new logo is the western alchemical symbol for water.

“It has been unchanged for more than six centuries. It is permanent, relevant, simple and descriptive; an ideal icon to demonstrate us living out our bigger principle and purpose of using science and engineering solutions to improve the quality and availability of our shared water resources and the environment in general.”

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