Precise measurement, positioning and quality assurance of objects

01 July 2019 | Web Article Number: ME201915095

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PRECISION monitoring and accurate measurement of distances is essential for smooth running in both intralogistics and production operations. That’s according to Gerry Bryant, Managing Director of Countapulse Controls, who said optical distance sensors are generally used for this purpose and fulfil several different functions.

This specialist sensing solutions provider offers a range of optical distance sensors that can pinpoint measurement, position and facilitate quality assurance of any object over both long and short distances.

“Leuze optical distances sensors are based on various measurement operating principles including triangulation measurement, propagation time measurement and phase measurement,” Bryant said.

Precise measurement, positioning and quality assurance of objects

“These enable both the reproducible measurement of distances in the range of tenths of a millimetre as well as over larger distances in excess of 60 metres.”

He said that with the accelerated move by most operations to Industry 4.0, the measurement data can be transferred with IO-Link and evaluated with software in the machine. This is important as based on the real time values obtained, production processes can be constantly adapted and optimised.

“In quality assurance applications, particularly during the assembly process, the completeness or alignment of individual components must be ensured. The Leuze ODSL range of optical distance sensors use extremely high resolution at close to define and check all reference points. These sensors are capable of reliable functioning even where objects include plastic and metal housings.”

Another example is in machining processes where raw material needs to be fed into the machine without any interruption occurring. This means that the stack height on the load carrier must be constantly monitored. Using a combination of Leuze optical distance sensors with different resolutions and ranges makes it possible to measure the height of differently stacked objects.

The large operating range on Leuze optical distance sensors of up to 65metres as well as its focused laser make monitoring of positioning an easy task on production or assembly lines that move large components such as engines or vehicles. The distance of these objects can be measured to a specific reference point allowing optimum accuracy.

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