Port of Durban commemorates World Day for Safety and Health at Work

22 May 2019 | Web Article Number: ME201914630

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Port of Durban commemorates World Day for Safety and Health at Work

TRANSNET National Ports Authority at the Port of Durban chose Friday, 17 May to rally port employees together for World Day for Safety and Health at Work, the International Labour Organisation’s global day usually observed on 28 April each year. Postponing its own observation to a weekday event allowed the port authority to reach more employees about this important issue.

This year is also the 100th anniversary of the World Health and Safety Day at Work.

Port Manager at the Port of Durban, Nokuzola Nkowane, said: “This year the theme for World Day for Safety and Health is ‘A Safe and Healthy Future of Work’. This theme is about celebrating and building on the wealth of knowledge and action accumulated over 100 years, as we get ready to face and appreciate the changes brought forward by the future of work, such as changing work arrangements, technology, demographics, globalisation, climate change, and other drivers.”

Port of Durban employees were invited to view real-world first aid simulations and vessel evacuation procedures alongside the port’s N-shed passenger terminal. There were demonstrations of the correct protocol for dealing with electrical incidents in the port environment

Nkowane said TNPA was striving to reduce disabling injuries in the workplace through programmes such as its Zero Harm initiative.

“We must all commit to improving our knowledge of occupational safety, health and environment in the workplace so that we can protect ourselves, our colleagues and those we come into contact with in the Port of Durban,” she said.

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