Partnership extended to include high-efficiency electric motors

11 November 2020 | Web Article Number: ME202021207

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Partnership extended to include high-efficiency electric motors
ABB Motion National Sales Manager Ryan Chetty and Bi Business Unit Head Ross Trevelyan

LOW-voltage IE3 motors from ABB Africa will now be distributed by supplier Bearings International (BI). This is an extension of the existing partnership between the two companies, with BI already a distributor of ABB Dodge gearboxes.

Michael Wächter, ABB Motion Communications Lead for Southern Africa said BI had been a Mechanical Power Transmission (MPT) partner for ABB since 2011 and is a channel partner under the ABB Value Provider Programme for distributors. The programme includes marketing support and training.

He said the MPT partnership has evolved to encompass high-efficiency motors from ABB, with the potential for supplementary products in future. This means BI can supply Dodge gearboxes in conjunction with ABB motors.

Offer Marketing Manager Victor Strobel said BI had been supplying an IE1 electric motor for the last 15 years. It identified a need for high-efficiency IE2 and IE3 electric motors, which are often specified by the mining industry. He added that ABB was a natural fit, given that it already has a close working relationship with BI.

The advantages of the partnership with ABB include dealing with a local supplier versus direct imports and the availability of quick technical back-up and support. BI has extended its motor range in size, with a 400 V and 525 V offering, allowing it to be able to supply projects in the mining industry.

ABB, in turn, will be able to leverage from BI’s extensive 42-branch network across South Africa, covering all the major mining and industrial areas where BI has a major footprint, said ABB Divisional Channel Manager Nevin Turner. “The availability of IE3 high-efficiency motors from ABB will be especially welcomed by these sectors, where cost-effectiveness and total cost of ownership are key in an increasingly difficult trading environment.”

Looking to the future, BI will train several electric motor champions to cover each of the main mining and industrial areas where it has a presence to reassure customers that any technical support is readily available, in addition to back-up advice or expertise.

BI will hold stock of the ABB motors to meet the specific requirements of its branch network. First-level customer support will be provided by BI’s own sales team and product managers, while second-level support for technical issues will be provided by ABB itself.

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