New online store for 3D printer bushings

01 July 2019 | Web Article Number: ME201914861

Plastics & Rubber

VESCONITE Bearings, a maker of advanced polymer bushings, has launched a 3D printer bushing web store.

Stock printer bushings include the LM12UU, LM10UU, LM8LUU, LM8UU and LM6UU, priced from $1.90 excluding taxes and shipping.

The specialised 3D printer bushings in stock fit many common 3D models. They come in Vesconite Hilube and an advanced grade, Vesconite Superlube.

“Both materials greatly reduce noise, have self-lubricating properties with low coefficients of friction. Each material is ideally suited for 3D printers and provide many benefits for users, including better quality prints with reduced ghosting,” the company said in a statement.

New online store for 3D printer bushings

“Vesconite Superlube is the advanced grade with a significantly lower coefficient of friction. It is preferred since its low friction results in less strain on the stepper motors, less belt tension and extended bushing wear life.”

According to the company, it had been inundated with requests for its 3D printer polymer bushings that replace bronze sleeve bushings and linear ball bearings.

“As a result, this dedicated web store has been established to deal with the influx of enquiries and cater for the technologically-savvy client base, which is happiest ordering products online.”

The store is located on the company website,

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