Multinational expands digital footprint

27 February 2019 | Web Article Number: ME201913594

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WITH digitalisation touching every aspect of its business, especially the customer experience, Mondi says it is prioritising digital projects to accelerate future opportunities.

“Across Mondi Group, we are currently running eight digital pilot projects, ranging from administration and operations to customer relations, in order to test, then fast-track the benefits of digitalisation in a variety of areas,” the SA-based global paper and pulp group said in a statement.

“But these pilot projects are just the tip of the iceberg. 51 Mondi executives, colleagues and digital experts gathered in January for an intensive day on the topic of digitalisation and its enormous potential.”

Multinational expands digital footprint

According to Georg Kasperkovitz, CEO of Mondi Consumer Packaging, the purpose was to achieve a common understanding about digitalisation with leaders and how to seize digital opportunities.

Enhancing the customer experience is a primary goal. “The target of our digital projects is to put a smile on our customers faces,” said Eveline Wagner, managing director of Mondi Korneuburg, a consumer packaging plant in Austria. “We are creating the platform which helps us to collaborate with our customers in a very transparent way.”

Another benefit of digitalisation is greater employee collaboration, efficiency and quality management in the group’s operations. Four pilot plants in Poland, Germany and Austria are jointly developing one of the pilot projects.

They have introduced digital technology in four ways: real-time production data on mobile devices, instant notifications for operators on mobile devices, self-enablement of operators with digital performance feedback, and a fun aspect through gamification.

“Digitalisation has already changed the way we live our personal lives and the way we work. At Mondi, we want to make sure we harness its future potential to the best advantage of our customers, employees and all stakeholders,” the group said.

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