MMA/TIG inverter range offers more power in a portable package

02 July 2019 | Web Article Number: ME201915075

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ESAB Welding and Cutting Products says its Renegade series inverters for advanced DC TIG and MMA/Stick welding combine power with low weight and location flexibility.

There are three models: Renegade ES 300i for MMA and Live TIG, Renegade ET 300i for MMA and TIG with high frequency (HF) or Lift TIG arc starts and Renegade ET 300iP, which adds controls for pulsed TIG welding.

“Renegade ES 300i weighs only 15.5 kg and Renegade ET models weigh 17 kg. All models measure just 460 mm by 200 mm by 320 mm, giving them the smallest footprint among their competitors and simplifying trolley manoeuvres when configured as a water-cooled system,” the company said in a statement.

“With Renegade's unique handle design offering built-in storage and security for the welding cables, operators can quickly pack up and go by wrapping the cables around the handles and locking them in with a dedicated shoulder strap.”

Its three-handle roll cage design allows lifting with one hand, both hands, via shoulder strap or by crane.

MMA/TIG inverter range offers more power in a portable package

“The welder's rugged composite casing was designed to withstand the roughest environments and more mechanical impact than any other machine on the market.”

Renegade runs 300 amps at 40% duty cycle with mains and welding cables up to 100 m and, according to the company, has excellent multi-voltage capabilities.

The ET 300i and ET 300iP connect to 230 V 1-phase power and 230 V to 480 V 3-phase power (both ­±10 percent) with auto-sensing functionality and no rewiring required. The ES 300i connects to 230 V to 480 V 3-phase power ­±10 percent with auto-sensing functionality.

“Renegade is a next-generation workshop and field welding machine combined into one, offering more power and a design that's easier to move around any jobsite,” said Martin Freibergs, Business Product Manager Industrial/Light Industrial Product Systems, ESAB.

“When Renegade can't be located next to the work piece, its strong output enables the use of long welding cables and longer work leads.”


Renegade has an amperage output range of 5 to 300 amps and can weld with MMA electrodes up to 6 mm. It has gouging capabilities with carbons up to 4.8 mm diameter, making it the most powerful welder in its weight class, according to Freibergs, who added that Renegade's MMA performance is enhanced by built-in intelligence for optimising starts and stops and controlling arc stability.

“As a next-generation inverter, Renegade provides state-of-the-art weld control for a more stable arc, less spatter and improved arc starts and stops.

“For welding with cellulosic electrodes, Renegade ES 300i provides a higher arc voltage and the ability to hold longer arc length. It produces a soft arc and impeccable starts and stops using E6010 electrodes,” he said.

Other MMA performance features include semi-synergic Hot Start, a process that provides optimal energy during the starting sequence, improves strike performance and reduces sticking. Similarly, the Adjustable Arc Force function enables the operator to adjust the arc characteristics to get a crisp and well controlled arc or a softer arc with less spatter, tailoring the arc for different electrodes, applications and operator preference. Preferences can be stored in one of three memory functions.

“Renegade has an intuitive digital readout display that makes it easy to set parameters and read them from a distance in any light. A remote amperage control with a digital display extends operator range by providing extreme accuracy over long distances.”

Advanced TIG Functions

Renegade ET 300i and ET 300iP provide HF arc starts for applications requiring non-contact arc starts and Lift TIG for arc starts without HF. They also provide adjustable gas pre- and post-flow, adjustable upslope/downslope, 2- and 4-stroke trigger functionality, offer a remote foot pedal compatibility and include a water-cooled option.

Renegade ET models convert from a water-cooled system to an air-cooled portable system in minutes, and conversion does not require tools.

Renegade ET 300iP provides a pulsed TIG output, which can be used to improve weld puddle control, control the weld bead profile, reduce heat input and increase travel speeds.

It has a pulse frequency reaching 999 Hz or pulses per second (PPS) and a peak pulse width (or duration) adjustable between 10 and 90%. Stainless steel fabricators and those working with thin metals or other heat sensitive applications use pulsed TIG to reduce heat input, narrow the weld profile and increase travel speed.

“Renegade ET 300iP enables tailoring the pulsed DC TIG welding arc to the application, which is especially useful when welding thin material such as stainless steel pipes in the food and process industry.”

ESAB’s Renegade inverters for DC TIG and MMA welding weigh 17 kg. or less, produce a top output of 300 amps at 40% duty cycle and offer primary power flexibility, making them ideal for both shop and field use, Freibergs said.

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