Mine acidity drives demand for tough pumps

03 May 2018 | Web Article Number: ME20189772

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WITH the increased levels of acidity in mine water and associated slurry handling applications, Integrated Pump Technology has reported an increased demand for the Faggiolati stainless steel slurry pump.

Constructed from 316 stainless steel, the Faggiolati pump is engineered to operate in tough conditions, handling corrosive water and sludges.

“In all dewatering applications, whether in underground mine shafts, mine waste dumps, ore stockpiles, tailings facilities or power stations, reliability remains a key requirement, and there is no doubt that a stainless steel pump is by far the best choice for use in acidic environment,” said Colin Adams, Managing Director of Integrated Pump Technology.

Mine acidity drives demand for tough pumps

He added that the excellent corrosion resistant properties of stainless steel ensure reliable operation even under the harshest conditions. By eliminating the risk of corrosion in pumps unscheduled downtime is dramatically reduced and the risk of pump failure is averted.

Faggiolati stainless steel pumps are able to withstand highly acidic water, even when it contains high concentrations of metals and sulphates. The pumps are also capable of handling abrasive particles and a high content of solids up to the size of the pump inlet diameter opening.

Adams said the cast stainless steel impeller ensures pumping capacities in the corrosive fluids and can handle pH values from two to 10.

The most recent order received by Integrated Pump Technology was for six Faggiolati stainless steel channel pumps, and Adams said the pumps will be operating in an extremely acidic environment at a power utility.

Integrated Pump Technology is the official distributor for the full range of Faggiolati submersible drainage and wastewater pumps, mixers and aerators, and the product is supported through the company’s network of 16 strategically located, specialised pump distributors.

All these products are available in a flameproof option. The company is also the sole importer and principal distributor for the Grindex range of dewatering, slurry and sludge pumps for southern Africa.

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