Insulating mats for substation, switch room safety

14 January 2019 | Web Article Number: ME201813053

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Insulating mats for substation, switch room safety

In days past the usual practise was to lay conveyor belting on the floors of your sub stations or switch rooms for insulation purposes which looked perfectly fine, but this in itself is a safety hazard. The problem with conveyor belting is that there are high traces of carbon in them, and carbon is a strong CONDUCTOR of electricity.

Electrical safety insulation mats are an important health and safety product, which are often used in industrial applications to protect staff members from electric shocks.

Our insulating mats are rated at 20000volts( High Voltage)and have been SABS tested to resist shorting to ground for up to 20 000 volts.

We are the ONLY company that supplies a rated SABS certificate for the mats which can be used for accreditation points for a Health and Safety Audit Now OUR High Voltage mats are free of carbon and are in line with and exceeding IEC 61111 ratings and SABS standards.

In addition to our High Voltage mat providing an insulated matting system in your substations or switch rooms, this mat also creates a Non-slip environment for your employees. We are able to achieve the non-slip aspect due to the pattern of grooves you find running across the length of the mat.

Our high voltage mat when installed can be installed either wall to wall or in front of your HV or LV panels, it can also be loose lying or fixed down. The High Voltage mat is extremely durable and should last a lifetime. ( It complies with OHSACT 6 of1983)

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