Heavyweight adhesive on the right tack

27 June 2018 | Web Article Number: ME201810431

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DEN Braven has been demonstrating its adhesive products at a series of workshops around the country in recent weeks, including KwaZulu-Natal. Taking centre stage at the Durban event was High Tack, a product it describes as “a true heavyweight permanent adhesive with excellent initial adhesion”.

It is UV- and water-resistant, odourless, low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and free of silicone and isocyanides.

“High Tack adheres extremely well to many substrates such as natural stone, windowsills, mirrors, glass and glazed surfaces, coated metals, steel and finished wood. As High Tack is non-corrosive, it is compatible with most metals. The product conforms to South African Green Building Council standards,” the company said in a statement.

Heavyweight adhesive on the right tack
High Tack extruded onto 18 kg concrete block

Before applying the product, surfaces must be clean, dry, flat and sound. A heavy-duty sealant applicator must be used for extrusion. High Tack should be applied with the “v” nozzle facing upwards, held at a 90 degree angle, in vertical lines that are evenly spaced, approximately 8-10 mm apart, and starting a few centimetres from the edge to the substrate.

Then stick the item onto the surface, press for a minute or so, in position and it will tack immediately.

High Tack can be used for adhesion of various substrates to flat or vertical surfaces and items such as stone cladding, bathrooms fittings (with a weight of up to 25kg) with no mechanical fixing required. It is advisable to assess suitability prior to application as it forms a durable bond after approximately 24 hours.

It is available in 290ml recyclable cartridges. Applicators are available from Den Braven.

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