Global lubricator launch promises pimped up pump performance

01 September 2020 | Web Article Number: ME202020199

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WEIR Minerals has announced the global launch of its Accumin lubricators, following what it said had been international demand for “superior-quality grease lubrication” for equipment such as Warman slurry pumps.

“At Weir Minerals, we make the market leading slurry pump for mining applications, but we can’t always control what happens when it gets to site. Between dust, overflow and gland seal leaks, lubrication is a vital tool in the constant battle to keep machinery going,” said Michael Roinich, Accumin Specialist at Weir Minerals.

He added that having an Accumin lubrication system fitted prevents over and under greasing, protects equipment from bearing failures and frees up man hours for more critical tasks.

Global lubricator launch promises pimped up pump performance

“When we offer Weir Minerals equipment with an Accumin lubrication system installed, what we’re really doing is giving that equipment its best shot at a long and productive working life.”

Made in Germany, Accumin canisters are produced in 125cm³ gas driven, 120cm³, 250cm³ and 500cm³ electro-mechanically driven configurations and can be deployed up to five metres away from the lubrication point, allowing easy and efficient access to the mount.

The electro-mechanical driven lubricator dispenses a consistent dosage of lubricant, regardless of ambient temperature. The system delivers 6 bar of operating pressure and can be easily monitored via an LCD display, flashing LED alert system and a transparent grease cartridge.

Roinich says making the move to Accumin lubricators had helped an Australian iron ore mine to save almost AU$120,000 (R1.5 million) each year in downtime reduction, pump rebuilds and bearing assembly replacements.

The lubricators are now available worldwide on new pumps, through Weir Minerals’ aftermarket spare parts supply channels and via our unrivalled service centre network.

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