Floored! Restructure puts paid to carpets merger

04 December 2019 | Web Article Number: ME201917329

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EARLIER this year two longstanding flooring manufacturing companies, Van Dyck Carpets and Nouwens Carpets, announced that they were going to consolidate their respective manufacturing operations in Harrismith. The objective was to enable the two brands to streamline their manufacturing processes and expertise and exploit both companies’ strengths.

Since then, however, several factors, including the current economic downturn and challenges faced by the manufacturing industry and business in general, have led to Van Dyck Carpets restructuring its business.

According to Dr Mehran Zarrebini, CEO of PFE International Inc. the shareholder of Van Dyck Carpets, the company will be phasing out its soft-flooring business and will concentrate on its recycling and rubber floor manufacturing plant and promoting the Easi-Grass brand in South Africa.

Owner of Nouwens Carpets, Luci Nouwens, responded to the news saying, “these are challenging times for everyone in business”. She added that notwithstanding Van Dyck’s withdrawal from its intended arrangement, Nouwens Carpets would continue to manufacture and sell its soft flooring and artificial landscape grass ranges.

With the intended arrangement no longer going ahead, she also said that Nouwens Carpets would advise the market of its new strategic direction early in 2020.

The company has launched a wide range of carpeting, tufted tiles, and landscape grass products over the past few years that respond to customer demand and budget. Since 1962 Nouwens Carpets has specialised in international-style carpet manufacture.

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