Compact all-in-one solution for conductivity in liquids monitoring

02 September 2019 | Web Article Number: ME201915839

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CONDIX is a low maintenance, easy-to-install, all-in-one solution for monitoring of conductivity in liquids does not require a separate measuring transducer nor an expensive special cable or indicator.

That’s according to Jan Grobler, Managing Director of GHM Messtechnik South Africa, the local distributor for the GHM Group.

“The new and recently launched CONDIX conductive conductivity transducer, from Martens, determines the conductivity of liquids. The measured ohmic resistance provides information about the ion concentration in the electrolyte,” he said.

“The integrated transducer converts the signal into a digital process value and further scaling in the subordinate system is not required.”

Grobler said the universal Modbus interface enables convenient configuration and calibration of the measuring transducers. “Standard fittings are utilised and parameterisation prior to field installation is easily carried out via a PC tool at the work station”.

It integrates directly into superordinate systems such as SAPS and SCADA with the universal Modbus RTU interface.

“Conductivity of water is an important function because it measures the water’s ability to pass electrical flow. This is important to industries such brewing, pharmaceutical and food manufacturing processes.

“The monitoring of water preparation, reverse osmosis and ion exchanger systems, in salt water, underground water preparation on ships, gas scrubbers and landfill seepage water for example, can also benefit from this new transducer technology,” Grobler said.

“CONDIX provides Industry 4.0 functions that are useful for intelligent self-diagnosis, efficient maintenance, reduced downtime and a longer sensor life. With integration of the transforming electronics and the implementation of a digital interface, the sensor provides information about its status such as the internal sensor voltage and additional device parameters in addition to conductivity and temperature measuring variables.”

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