Cold asphalt mix a versatile pothole solution

29 October 2018 | Web Article Number: ME201812431

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HAVING been tested and rolled out across South Africa for over a decade, National Asphalt’s Cold Mix has proved to be a highly effective response to the country’s growing pothole problem and can even be used to repair larger sections of road.

That’s according to the company’s General Manager Dave Bennett, who added: “Manufactured using the high quality Macfix additive from UK-based specialists Macismo, our Cold Mix can be supplied in bags and in bulk, and is produced to the same exacting standards as all our asphalt products.”

National Asphalt – a member of the JSE-listed Raubex Group – has held the exclusive agency for Macfix since 2011 and has applied the product across South Africa, as well as neighbouring states and the Indian Ocean islands.

Cold asphalt mix a versatile pothole solution

“A significant advantage of Cold Mix is that it can be ordered in affordable quantities to suit small contractors, and can be applied in a labour-intensive manner, providing greater opportunity for job creation and skills transfer,” said Bennett.

The product does not require any mixing equipment on site, and can be stored for up to two years. This makes it a valuable proposition for remote rural areas which have no asphalt plants nearby. The Macfix® additive allows the mix to remain workable in temperatures as low as 10˚C. It is also less costly in terms of energy, as no heating is required in the preparation or storage of the mix.

The material is supplied in a 7.1mm and 10mm wearing course for road repairs, and can be used as a long lasting, durable and cost effective filler for deep base repairs also.

He said cold asphalt can also be put down as bulk material. National Asphalt has pioneered the use of Cold Mix over larger areas, paving a whole section of road while maintaining the surface’s integrity and longevity.

There are also environmental benefits inherent in the product as the ingredients are solvent-free, constituted rather with organic compounds. This makes the mix safer to handle and more environmentally friendly than many conventional asphalt options.

“We carefully control the production of Cold Mix through our ISO rated systems, so that it is workable, stable and consistent, providing a quality product for our customer. Manufacturing processes at National Asphalt are carefully documented with regular audits conducted to ensure that quality standards are maintained, and that output is traceable.”

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