Behind the scenes of big bank rebrand

25 July 2018 | Web Article Number: ME201811011

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WHILE there’s been much debate about Absa’s new logo, the actual task of rolling out the bank’s vision across hundreds of out-of-home (OOH) sites had print solutions companies and their partners burning oil day and night.

“A project of this magnitude is split over various service providers,” said Robyn Fischer, MD of Solethu Brand Engineers (SBE). “Our part was to supply PVC, mesh and other materials for a rollout to a variety of sites in Gauteng and surrounding areas.”

To successfully project manage the flow of various artworks from agencies to the creation of the final products (ready for installation) requires significant experience and capabilities – not only in the available type of facility, machinery and materials but, also and most critically, scalability and skillset of people-power to see it through.

“The Absa job required nearly 10 days of round-the-clock work from the SBE team,” said Fischer. “In producing billboards and other iconic OOH sites we used significant volumes of ink, 30 rugby fields of material, over 4 000 production hours and burned through countless cups of coffee – the job required all hands on deck without affecting our other projects.

“I am thankful to the SBE team and our partners for helping us successfully complete all work over this time.”

With its new logo and brand rollout, Absa is hoping to express a new identity as an entrepreneurial, digitally-led bank with deep knowledge of African markets and with Africanacity their “bespoke” word that “embodies the distinctly African ability to always find a way to get things done”.

“We echo that sentiment,” said Fischer. “From SBEs perspective we’ve always considered ourselves a company that innovates by nature and delivers on-point – whatever (and wherever) it is needed.

“It was exciting (and challenging) working on the Absa bank OOH rollout project. Certainly, we hope our efforts in some way mirrors their message that, ‘while we are a continent with immense challenges, we are also one with tremendous tenacity, soul and a sense of togetherness’.”

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