Bang on! Engine supplement great for firearms too

29 October 2020 | Web Article Number: ME202020894

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WHEN Lubrication Engineers (LE) developed its L-X Heavy Duty Chemical Supplement, the aim was to create a product that would help to keep engines clean and reduce frictional wear by combating carbon, varnish and gum deposits that prevent an engine from operating at maximum efficiency.

That’s according to Callum Ford, National Marketing Manager at LE South Africa, who said these same qualities also make it the perfect lubricant for cleaning and lubricating hand-held firearms.

“L-X is a combination of oils and chemicals carefully formulated for use in vehicle petrol engines. It increases power through a more efficient combustion of the fuel, which also helps to improve fuel economy,” Ford said.

Bang on! Engine supplement great for firearms too

“The same factors that ensure it protects engine parts make it an excellent firearm lubricant for handguns, rifles, and shotguns. In an engine, L-X works by physically permeating the metal surfaces and adding a sacrificial layer to protect rings, plugs, pistons, valves, carburettors, and fuel injectors from heat, corrosion and acids. In handheld firearms, the product cleans and lubricates in one go.”

Ford said the product not only reduces internal friction in firearms, but also cleans dirt and contaminants from exposed metal surfaces and displaces moisture from metal pores.

“This protects metal against wear, corrosion and deposits that can build up over time. It will help keep firearms in tip-top condition, whether they are used regularly for hunting or kept as a precautionary measure.”

L-X mixes thoroughly with fuel without any agitation and is an EPA-registered fuel additive for petrol engines. According to Ford, it’s used for trucks, buses, automotive fleets, agricultural and heavy-duty machinery, marine and stationary engines, bulk fuel storage tanks, outboard motors, movers and chain saws, among others.

L-X can also be used on chains and as a flushing agent (mix 5 to 10% in oil; then run unloaded at operating temperature. Drain while hot).

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