All-rounder for the lab or production line

29 October 2020 | Web Article Number: ME202020904

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MEASURING instruments and transducers have to be precisely calibrated for the respective measuring ranges before use, and in commercial applications they also require periodic recalibration.

That’s according to ASSTech, local suppliers of German measuring technology manufacturer, Burster, who said this often calls for several high-precision calibration sources for different measured variables, and specially trained personnel.

“All this is expensive, demands training time, and takes up space in the laboratory or on the production line,” the company said in a statement.

All-rounder for the lab or production line

“The DIGISTANT 4463 high-precision calibration source from Burster in Germany provides a solution by combining six common measured variables in one device.”

A voltage range of +/-100 nV up to +/-100 V with a basic accuracy (B) of 0.002 % can be specified, or for example a current of +/ 100 nA ... +/-50 mA, 0.005 % B, or frequencies from 10 mHz to 100 kHz and a true ohmic resistance simulation of 10 Ω to 300 kΩ.

Thermocouples (12 types from 0.1 K B) or RTDs (resistance temperature detectors such as Pt100 ... Pt1000, Ni100 ... Ni1000) can also be calibrated. Four-wire technology reduces uncertainties to a minimum.

An optional Pt100 external reference junction optimizes the temperature simulation.

Up to 32 fully automatic test routines, each with up to 100 value/time sequences, allow rapid testing of sensor cards, measuring instruments, PC expansion cards etc. at the touch of a button.

“In the laboratory or on the production line, measuring equipment can be conveniently tested in multiple measuring ranges using just one compact calibration source.”

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