What was the first paper product you touched today?

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What was the first paper product you touched today?
Jane Molony

Paper, in its countless forms, touches our lives every day and it’s a relationship that often goes unnoticed.

Paper products are an enabler. Without them, many industries would not be able to convey their messages, ship their products and protect their goods. As the basis for tissue, paper is a bathroom essential and helps to improve lives through personal hygiene. As a medium through which learning is facilitated, paper educates and informs.

Quite simply, paper is part of every facet of our lives and has a good environmental and economic story to tell.

Representing more than 90% of paper, packaging and tissue manufacturers in South Africa, the Paper Manufacturers Association of South Africa (PAMSA) has been actively advancing the ‘story of paper’ since its foundation in 1992.

Even though some of our industry members have global footprints, their origins are firmly rooted in this country, as forest and land owners and producers of renewable and recyclable products.

PAMSA, acknowledged as the ‘voice of the pulp and paper industry’, promotes the use of paper as a renewable and recyclable material for communication, packaging and a myriad of other applications.

With our member companies continually striving to improve the way they do business, PAMSA supports their efforts by bringing them together on pre-competitive issues of mutual concern. These include education and training, energy production and use, water and waste, and research and development.

As a platform for engagement on common views and industry challenges, PAMSA has the active member participation at an executive and operational level as well as on its education and environmental committees.

Through the Process Research Unit (PRU), members invest in pre-competitive research and innovation in partnership with a number of South African universities and tertiary institutions.

Inextricably linked to PAMSA is the Paper Recycling Association of South Africa (PRASA) which has a member base of paper recyclers and processors.

PRASA steers awareness, education and skills development initiatives with the aim of improving the paper recovery rate in South Africa. This diverts valuable paper fibre from landfill and secures a supply of quality fibre for the industry.

The efforts of PAMSA and PRASA, along with those of our members at a company, regional and mill level, have positioned the South African pulp, paper and paperboard sector as one that is conscious of its role in the economy, the environment and society as a whole.

  • Molony is executive director of PAMSA

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