Company review, rebrand for recruiter

03 May 2018 | Web Article Number: ME20189763

Company review, rebrand for recruiter
From left, Marc Schmitt, Stratogo Managing Director and Tracy Hardy, Stratogo COO

EMPLOYMENT services company, Stratostaff recently undertook a company review in an effort to assess its value to market, a process that led to it a rebranding. 

Established in 1969, Stratostaff is one of the largest temporary and permanent employment services companies in South Africa and is a level two rated B-BBEE rated company. It provides contract, temporary and permanent placements, in addition to payroll services, primarily in the logistics and industrial sectors.

 “Working through a process like this is often challenging in that as we uncover an awareness of your customers’ challenges we are able to identify areas to innovate our service offerings underpinned by technology and ultimately continue to remain competitive and deliver value,” said Managing Director Marc Schmitt.

He added that the review had brought a couple of interesting facts to light. “Firstly, that Stratostaff has evolved and offers a number of employment- services that are not strictly recruitment related. Secondly, that data, insight and strategy form a core part of many of the company’s existing processes, and that there is an opportunity to convert their extensive knowledge into extended value for customers.”

COO Tracy Hardy said: “We have always known that insight and knowledge within our business operations was a priority, but today we realise that there is overwhelming customer demand to use digital technology to share this insight and knowledge. We now plan to embrace this even further and intend to build our business premise on this foundation… allowing us to continuously evolve, add enormous value to our client relationships and ultimately remain relevant indefinitely.

“We have great plans to transform this existing strength into something tangible from which our clients will benefit directly.”

Against this background, Stratostaff  made the decision to rebrand, and have launched a new brand name and identity, Stratogo, which it describes as “a soft migration from Stratostaff and is closely linked to the original name, providing an easy transition”. 

It adds  that Stratogo will be driven by three concepts – knowledge, insight and strategy. The company will invest in research, and by applying what they learn, will be able to harness the power of data and offer personalised, responsive and relevant services to their clients.

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