All systems go for ‘game changer’ GO!Durban

22 March 2018 | Web Article Number: ME20189086

THE eThekwini Municipality has earmarked the latter part of 2018 to launch its long-awaited flagship public transport service, GO!Durban.

The inaugural route of the integrated public transport network will run from Pinetown’s CBD to KwaMashu’s Bridge City. It will feature a dedicated road lane that will set aside for the modern new GO!Durban buses.

“The new transport system is a game-changer for the city,” said Mayor Councillor Zandile Gumede. “Globally we have seen how transport systems, have worked to improve the liveability of a city and unlock economic and social opportunities. So, our first provision of a route in an area so in need of opportunities and development, is very exciting.”

She described GO!Durban as a “prototype for the future” and one of the municipality’s most important catalytic programmes.

“As part of the overall process of providing a new safe and reliable system, current public transport operator leadership and our city’s leadership are planning how they will participate and integrate into the new system for the benefit of all stakeholders.”

According to the municipality, areas and precincts along the route have begun to attract investors and interest in developments, as the transport network now has the potential to attract critical mass to stimulate economic growth.

It also says that new lighting, street furniture and landscaping have already begun to alter the way in which people use these spaces, making for more user-friendly and safer environments.

“Our message to citizens, from commuters, operators and businesses – small, medium and large - is that as a city we can deliver the infrastructure and systems, but ultimately it is yours to embrace, look after and utilise for the betterment of all. This is a legacy project which means getting around the city and accessing opportunities will continue to improve, and in that there is enormous hope.”

Gumede said the municipality would be embarking on a communication campaign in the second quarter of 2018 to create awareness of how the new system will work, so that by the time it begins, commuters fully understand how to use it.  

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